Our Heritage

The expertise we offer is a result of combined careers spanning over 80 years in the architectural and heritage sector. The progression from creation and care of our cultural heritage to the documentation was a natural evolution.

The experience as stonemasons and architectural technicians allows us to approach projects with a level of detail and understanding that can only be gained through hands on experience. It is the combination of a solid foundation in traditional techniques and always being open to embracing the latest technology that allows us to collect, process and communicate data in a best way for each project.

Whether it be a measured building survey or a fully immersive museum tour, we have the skills, technology, and experience to deliver the highest quality bespoke solution for your project.

Meet the team

No single solution

The relationships we build with our clients is just as important as the data we collect. 
We engage with you from the very inception of a project to ensure the best possible solution. 
Some of our clients include: