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3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scan surveys generate complete building models and point clouds that contain much more accurate and reliable data than traditional survey methods. We can also combine with our measured building surveys and UAV services to provide a holistic and accurate representation of the building, either as 2D drawings or a 3D model. Additional …

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We create accurate 3D models of buildings and structures using photogrammetry. Models can be delivered in varying levels of detail up to survey-grade. Terrestrial images can be combined with drone and laser scan data to provide the highest quality result. Provided on a browser link for easy inspection on desktop, smartphone or tablet. From the …

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3D Printing & Prototyping

From scanning and 3D modelling to the fabrication of detailed physical replicas. We use a variety of 3D printing and CNC machinery to create physical facsimile replicas of artefacts and architectural features.

3D Modelling

We provide detailed Revit models from 3D laser scan surveys to facilitate the design of new installations.

Topographical Surveys

We produce detailed maps to scale to accurately represent natural and built environments of any given area. From buildings and structures, to trees and boundaries, our topographical surveys depict the accurate position and relative height of any defined elements within an area. We utilise the latest technology for the creation of highly accurate CAD drawings …

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Rope Access Laser Scanning

Rope access completes an unrivalled portfolio that AHScanning can provide; the exceptional flexibility allows areas that would normally be inaccessible to be accessed. This means more detail is captured and utilised by the client. Where this method of data collection sets itself apart is in its execution, by negating disruption to normal operations and reducing …

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UAV Surveys

Fully CAA approved, we can provide UAV surveys for inspection, modelling or marketing purposes. Our UAV surveys rapidly capture large areas, providing high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data. Our skilled drone pilots can reach difficult to access locations and make use of proximity sensors to get as close as possible to the area of interest whilst minimising risk …

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Scan to BIM & BIM for Heritage

Scan to BIM is the process of digitally capturing the real-world conditions of a site as laser scan data, which then feeds into creating, developing and maintaining a BIM model. Our scan to BIM services will give you the best-possible measurements at the start of the project. BIM allows you to easily adjust, assess and …

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Artefact Scanning & Documentation

From artefacts to architecture, we utilise non-contact technology to scan a wide range of objects and features. 3D models provide an accurate digital record of artefacts and can be used in a number of ways. Items can be preserved, inspected and made accessible via a browser link or embedded into immersive tours to bring history …

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Production Scanning & Detailing

Whether the need is to reverse engineer a broken part, long out-of-production part, or to perform quality inspections on parts and equipment, 3D scanning makes it possible to recreate parts that would be virtually impossible to reproduce any other way.